Frostbite: Indiegogo flop

Okay, it’s an understatement to say that Vampire Academy did badly in the box office. The beloved book series featuring the spunky and snarky Rose Hathaway had it’s adaptation come out in February. It didn’t go so well.

It went so badly that they weren’t going to make the second movie…and, frankly, it sucks,

The movie in and of itself wasn’t bad. I actually really enjoyed it though I thought the editing left something to be desired. (Would an extra 15 minutes really kill them?) But I’m not here to review the VA. I’m here because the VA family almost got their second movie. Emphasis on almost.

The producers came out on Twitter in August and announced that they had received the funding and found a studio willing to make the movie. But they needed the fans’ help. To prove that there was a lot of interest for this movie to be made they started an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund the movie.

Just one problem…the fans needed to raise $1,500,000. That’s a lot for a bunch of teenagers and college students. It’s almost unattainable but fans didn’t let that deter them. The campaign did really well at the beginning and then donation rates got slower. And slower. And slower.

Now we’re one day away from the deadline and as of press time the campaign has raised $240,000. 

Fans are commenting that there wasn’t enough cast support  for the campaign and that the goal was made ridiculously high on purpose. They say the marketing for the campaign sucked almost as much as the marketing for the first movie (and that’s saying a lot). Producers have not responded to the fans accusations and anger.

But they did send out a tweet about how awesome we all are (as if that cushions the blow):

As I’m writing this, only 32 hours remain before the campaign closes and everyone gets their money back. Fans are still hoping for an extension but the campaign is so far from it’s goal that it probably won’t get one. Good luck VA family! I’m as disappointed as you are.



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