JK Rowling: An active weekend on Twitter

The Queen herself has been tweeting up a storm this weekend. She’s been answering fan tweets and everyone is going nuts. JK Rowling’s last tweet before September 2 was on July 31, thanking fans for wishing her and Harry and very happy birthday. Here’s some of the fan questions and her responses. JKR’s Twitter activity isn’t just for giggles, though. She’s been tuned in to the Twitterverse to keep everyone up-to-date on the proceedings for Scottish independence, which she has been firmly tweeting against with #bettertogether following most of her highly political and passionate tweets. (Yeah, I just threw some news content at you…whatcha gonna do about it?) Now that I’ve provided the real world context as to why she’s on Twitter, read her tweets to fans below!

While having a Twitter debate about Scottish Independence, some fans offer Queen JKR advice.

@KinkyKyle had a bit of a fangirl moment…

Hang in there, @KinkyKyle! It’ll be okay! Breathe!

JKR did send out a tweet for her fans support

Now here’s the fun stuff she answered!

And then she gave us Pottermore members something to look forward to!