Book Nerd Problems (with GIFS!) Pt. 2

I wanted to do another book nerd problems post. So here’s 10 more problems us bookworms face.

1. The battle between eReaders versus physical books. Stop it. Reading is all that matters. Who gives a fuck about the medium?

2. Feeling guilty over starting a new book because you feel like you’re betraying the book you just finished.

3. Packing for school or a trip and not being able to decide what books to take with you.

4. Not having enough room for your books in your bookshelf

5. When the author breaks up your OTP. I mean why? They’re meant to be!!!!!

6. Having a large to-read pile but still buying new books

7. Trying to decide if you want to reread an amazing book that’s basically an old friend or dare to read a new one and mingle with your to-read pile.

8. Having to come back to reality and to all of the stupids after finishing a good book.

9. When someone sees you’re only a few pages into the book and still ask you what the book is about. Like, seriously? What’s up with that? Don’t you think I need to be like about a third of the way through the book before I can somewhat answer that question?

10. Someone who you know won’t take care of your book asks to borrow your book.