Insurgent Trailer, actual reaction

I realize my Insurgent trailer post wasn’t an eloquent piece of art. Sorry about that. I was in finals mode and had to save every bit of well-spoken bullshit for my essays. I also did not have time to sit down and fully appreciate the trailer. Now that I have calmly watched it a few times let me tell you how I really feel about it.

I still stand by the fact that the trailer is indeed epic, but as a fan of the books, I noticed something quite odd.

It deviates a lot from the book.

As a book fan, this always strikes panic into my heart. I mean why change something which is already awesome? I, of course, understand that different artistic mediums will require changes, but it seems like some major plot points are being added or changed, and I don’t know how I feel about that.

First, what the hell is that box? Was I high when I read the books? (I can assure you I was not). I don’t remember that box ever being in the books. What is that thing? Is it a new medium for the Edith Prior video? I don’t know. I need further explanation. That was not in the book!

Second, ummm Tris is supposed to have PTSD and not be able to hold, let alone shoot, a gun. But in the trailer, she’s running around with a military grade weapon shooting up the place. What? I’m sorry what? Did the producers read the book? Did they forget the trauma of shooting Will? She should not be holding a gun until very very late in the movie. She isn’t a superhero. Killing a friend affects her (thank God). She should not be running around with a gun.

Third, what is that octopus-divergent testing machine Jeanine has? That’s not how she tested the divergents. She used injections. I’ll let this slide since it has more visual impact but still….

Fourth, are Tris and Four having sex? I’m sorry this doesn’t happen until the next book. Tris and Four are still Abnegation raised and are quite conservative. They want to take things slow. I mean we all want them to bone of course but just stick to the story line. It’s quite tragic. Having it happen now isn’t quite right. They’re supposed to wait until practically the end of the third book the night before Tris does something heroic and tragic (I won’t spoil the goddamn ending of the series but just have tissues ready when you get there).

Fifth, am I supposed to believe that the young woman leading the factionless is Four’s mom? She looks way too young! I hope it’s just the dim lighting of the scene hiding her age because that woman looks way to young to be the mother of a 20 something year old.

Don’t get me wrong. The trailer is amazing and I can’t wait to see the movie. But these things show how much they’re deviating from the book and that strikes terror into any fangirl heart.

Insurgent comes out March 20, 2015.