5 book characters who taught me about body positivity

Hey y’all! So without getting too personal, let’s just say I wasn’t always the confident woman I am today. I struggled a lot with being body positive and coming to terms with the fact that I’m not a size 2 with huge tits and a tiny waist. And while many people have helped me come to terms with and love my body, here are 5 book characters who helped me along the way.

Rose Hathaway – Vampire Academy

Rose Hathaway is badass and she’s one of the few YA girls who’s sexy and she knows it. She’s 17 and she’s confident in her body. She loves it. She knows other people love it too. I never heard Rose say she was self conscious or disliked her body. She admired the slim model-like build of the Moroi girls but she knew she was sexy in a different way. She loved her curvy and muscular body. Just reading how confident she was in her body and not hearing her complain about her curvier build made me okay with my body. It helped me accept that hey I’ve got curves. They’re there and they’re sexy and I don’t think anyone is going to complain.

Terra Cooper – North of Beautiful

Terra Cooper taught me that everyone has something they’re insecure about. Everyone is “flawed”. And you know what? None of it matters. Beauty isn’t about looking perfect and meeting everyone else’s expectations. It’s about accepting your “flaws” and loving them. You can hide behind make up and clothes but it doesn’t change anything. Those “flaws” are still there. And that’s okay. You have to love the skin you’re in. Take charge of your body and don’t let your “flaws” control how you feel about yourself. Love every inch of yourself because, honey, you’re beautiful and it’s time you start accepting it.

Virginia Shreves – The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things

Virginia Shreves is near and dear to my heart. She is one of those characters who struggled so much with being body positive and her journey is so heart breaking. Virginia is “fat” and she struggles so much with it. She almost gives herself an eating disorder and she just feels so out of place. But she learns to accept her body. She learns to love herself. This book is one everyone just needs to read. Like ASAP. I don’t care how old you are. It’s important. This story introduced the concept of body positivity to me and it was important for me to read it.

Sydney Sage – Bloodlines/Vampire Academy

Sydney Sage is important if I talk about characters who helped me with being body positive. Sydney struggles with being told she’s not thin enough by her father. Let me tell you that I have plenty of experience with this. The amount of times my family has pointed out my weight and told me that I needed to lose some pounds really didn’t help with the whole loving my body thing. Sydney wants the Moroi build so badly but it’s just not in her genetics to be that thin. She learns that after someone finally calls her out on it. She doesn’t like it but she starts to accept her body more and more as time goes on. She’s beautiful and it’s exciting to see her realize that.

Hermione Granger – The Harry Potter Series

Hermione is a weird addition to the list but hear me out. Hermione is never described as beautiful. She’s geeky and dorky and awkward. No one sees her true beauty until the Yule Ball when she’s in a gorgeous dress and all done up. What Hermione taught me is that beauty doesn’t have to be in your face or obvious. It doesn’t have to fit anyone’s standards. You shouldn’t have to try so hard to get people to finally notice your beauty. It’s always there and if they can’t see that then whatever. They’re not worth it. The point I’m trying to make is that beauty is something you have to see in yourself regardless of what others think. You are the only person that has to think you’re beautiful because if you don’t, then you won’t accept it or believe it when someone else does. Hermione taught me that just because someone is nerdy or not traditionally beautiful and model ready all the time, it doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful.

This post is a part of a series called “X book characters who taught me about Y”. I think it’s fun and I really like thinking back at how books have shaped who I am.