Insurgent Clips and Trailer

Considering I was so huge on promoting Mockingjay, you’d think I’d do an awesome job at putting out more Insurgent content. But here we are, 3 weeks away from the premiere and I’ve barely said a word. My bad.

Well, just a quick update, the tickets went on sale TODAY. That’s right. You can officially buy your Insurgent tickets. Go do that thing. Here’s the trailer they released today.

Insurgent comes out March 20.

Leading up to the ticket sales, Summit Entertainment released two clips from the movie. I will be spoiling a few things so if you have not read the books, STOP READING! See my previous post to check out all the Divergent clips and trailers.

In this first clip, we see Tris and Four having a very teary and intense conversation. I’m going to guess this is the conversation leading up to Tris giving herself up to Erudite and let herself be part of ‘divergent testing.’ It’s so nice seeing Four and Tris be vulnerable. They’re always so tough and on-edge. And honestly Theo James and Shailene Woodley have such amazing chemistry. It’s fascinating to watch.

In this second clip, we see our fugitives in Amity, the peace and happiness faction. Peter is being a dick as always making fun of Tris’ amazing haircut. The tension you feel between Peter, Tris and Four is great. The feeling of intense dislike but having to rely on each other is absolutely perfect. Caleb is also in the scene, but he has no lines. (Sidenote: I find screenshots of this clip hilarious because all three male actors have played Shailene’s love interest in one movie or another. Awkward….)

That’s it. Love you!