Insurgent Movie Review

Movie ReviewSo as much as I talked about Insurgent, I never actually planned to go see it on the opening weekend. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but I’m normally so tired and busy on the weekends that I don’t have a chance to go out. This morning I woke up at noon and I had energy and found myself with nothing to do. I checked where the nearest theater was and checked the showtimes and made my way over to watch Insurgent.

Long story short: The movie was great. It had great action sequences and it was a visually interesting movie. As a movie lover, I give it a 4 out 5. As a book lover, however, I have to give the movie a 2.5. I spent a majority of the movie saying “Did this happen in the book? This didn’t happen in the book.” Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t go see because you definitely should. I’m just saying that if you’re one of those fans who (like me) absolutely hates it when the movie is completely different from the book, then go in with an open mind.

I’m going to put the rest of my review under a read more because there will be spoilers.

So the basic plot is still in there somewhere. The characters are still dealing with the same shit.

Long story short: Jeanine is hunting the Divergent for testing. Tris and the gang find refuge at Amity. They leave because of Jeanine’s cronies. We find Four’s mom in Factionless.  She wants an alliance. Tris and Four undergo the truth serum at Candor. Tris reveals killing Will. Jeanine’s cronies attack Candor. Eric is killed. Jeanine activates the suicides thing to draw Tris in. Tris sacrifices herself to Jeanine’s testing to stop the suicides. Four goes after her and is a prisoner in Erudite. Peter tricks Jeanine into thinking Tris is dead and releases Four. There’s a message from the outside. The Divergents are important. YAY!

First I’m going to address the weird box from the trailer. It’s the way to reveal the Edith Prior video. It’s stored in the box and was kept hidden in Tris’ old home. The box can only be opened by a Divergent who passes a test for all five factions. Jeanine kills many Divergent before she realizes that she needs a strong Divergent. Well, do I really need to tell you that the strong Divergent is Tris? Tris goes through the different simulations that test her for all five factions. She unlocks the Edith Prior video saying the Divergent are the solution the world outside the wall (Game of Thrones much?) was looking for. My main issue is that the woman never identifies herself as Edith Prior, which is part of the shock value but oh well. We’ll live.

So there’s no doubt in the movie that Tris is traumatized. She’s angry at herself for killing Will and standing by helplessly as her parents died for her. She’s having nightmares and the truth serum is absolute torture for her. But if we look back at the book, because she killed Will, Tris can’t even hold a gun, let alone shoot one. In the movie, you don’t see that. She shows no hesitation when it comes to guns.

Also, Tris and Four are very intimate in this movie. In the book, they’re taking things slow because well they’re Abnegation-raised. They still have those old reservations. But in the movie, they have sex, which isn’t supposed to happen until the end of the third book. I don’t have a huge problem with this but I just think it’s a change to the essence of these two characters and the nature of their relationship.

Tori doesn’t kill Jeanine, Evelyn does. I don’t have a huge problem with this because it’s more visually impacting if one leader kills the other. But it lacked the emotion that the scene in the book had. Still it was an amazing last shot.

And well you know how Evelyn basically starts a Factionless regime and doesn’t let anyone outside the walls and it’s hell to get everyone out in the third book? Yeah no. That doesn’t happen like that in the movie. In the last few scenes, you see everyone in the city walking towards the wall which is opening in the distance. I thought this was odd but maybe the next movie will show that the Evelyn stopped the wall from opening and had her Factionless regime. Guess we’ll have to wait another year to find out.

That’s it for my Insurgent movie review. Bye, loves!