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Book Review: Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

Book ReviewSo I thought I would have this post done a few weeks ago when I finished the book but life got in the way. Sorry about that. Anyway, I will finally review Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. I have to say that I really really liked this book. I’m into alternate versions of classic tales and I had actually started reading this when I went to see Wicked in New York so you can say I have a weird fixation with Oz. This book sucks you in and makes you want to read for hours at a time. The pacing could have been a bit better but it’s not a major complaint. I think if you’re into classic tales with a spin (think Wicked, Mirror Mirror, Beastly and The Lunar Chronicles) then you’ll like this. Click read more if you want to read a more detailed potentially spoiler-filled review.

So this book tells the story of Amy Gumm, a Kansas girl who’s home was swept up by a tornado and taken to Oz (sound familiar?). But Oz isn’t the magical land she expected. Those lovely characters she grew up hearing about turned out to be not so nice. Wicked and Good have lost meaning in Oz and it’s all Dorothy’s fault. We all know that Dorothy clicked her heels together and sent herself back home….and boy did she regret that decision.  Dorothy came back and became the evil power hungry ruler of Oz. She’s using the Munchkins to mine the magic out of Oz’ earth and all the color and exuberance with it. After Dorothy flips out over not being the only girl plopped in Oz by a tornado, Amy is imprisoned and freed by a magical order of Wicked Witches. In the Order, Amy trains, both physically and magically, to fulfill her mission: Kill Dorothy.

Does that sound awesome or what?

Like I said, I really enjoyed this book. I thought Amy was a fun narrator with her quick quips and sarcasm. She certainly did not lack in character development (and we all know how much of a sucker I am for good character development.) Amy goes from being an unsure and ordinary girl with sarcasm as her strongest weapon to a magical warrior sure of her skills and her readiness to kill Dorothy. But the thing I love about Amy is that she questions the Order. She questions their intentions and their secrecy. She goes along with their plan but resents that they won’t tell her the whole story.

I did feel the book had a very awkward attempt at romance between Amy and Nox. I feel like Nox, as a character did not change much and needs to grow before any romance can happen between him and Amy. Not that much happens between them but the two characters lacked connection and chemistry, perhaps it was intentional but it didn’t seem like it. I felt like I was supposed to ship these two but I had to let that ship sail without me. I couldn’t get on board.

(ha. so many ship puns. I’m so punny, I know.)

Thought Amy is amazing, I have to say that my favorite character in this book was Glamora, Glinda’s twin sister. Some might see her as shallow or vain but I see a strong beautiful woman behind the scarring Glinda left on her equally beautiful sister’s face.

In terms of the actual writing, the book sucked you in. The book could have been paced a bit better (some moments just didn’t transition well into others, you know?) But overall, the writing kept the reader engaged.