Mockingjay Pt. 2 Trailer Reaction

GUYS! The Mockingjay Pt. 2 teaser trailer came out…and it was nearly 2 minutes long like whaaaaa? That’s insane and fantastic and so much better than what I was expecting.

I, like many of you, have been anxiously awaiting this movie. It’s bittersweet almost because it’s the end of another successful and fantastic series that so many people love. For awhile there was this trifecta, Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games. The successful YA movie adaptations with lively and passionate fandoms. These were the series that everyone obsessed over when I was in high school (yes, I’m included in that general everyone). Harry Potter and Twilight came to a close and now the last member of the trifecta is taking its final bow.

Enough of my rambling. Here’s the trailer. My reaction will probably have some spoilers so I’ll put that under read more. Mockingjay Pt 2 comes out November 20, 2015.

spoilers! spoilers! spoilers! Stop reading If you don’t want spoilers!

So, I’m pretty much obsessed with this trailer. I’m so happy they gave us glimpses of Finnick and Annie’s wedding. They look so in love and I just can’t take it. That scene is such a light, happy scene in the middle of the war going on around them. I love that they put some trees underground. It created this really nice juxtaposition. I’m really excited for this scene.

I am a bit confused as to why Effie is in Capitol clothes. I kind of loved her District 13-prison chic look that she had going in the previous movie. I’m still really happy with whoever decided that Effie would be in the movie. I’m normally such a book purist and I didn’t know what to think when I found out Effie would be featured prominently in the movies when she was barely in the last book. But Elizabeth Banks is a gem who really brought Effie to life and gave her dimension. I look forward to seeing her in the movie.

Katniss looked gorgeous but I like that she looks more like a girl in this trailer. I don’t know what it is but she looks younger and more vulnerable. It’s more what I would imagine Katniss to look like you know? A 17 year old girl thrust into a position of power. Props to Jennifer Lawrence for how amazing she is at the rebellion speeches and monologues. It’s so easy for those crazy impassioned speeches to sound off beat or awkward or pretentious, but Jennifer Lawrence’s performance is spot on and inspiring. (Side note: the shot of Prim and Katniss dancing gave me so many feels. Damn Suzanne Collins for killing Prim off. Why didn’t she just rip my heart out?)

I’m also extremely excited to see the Capitol scenes. Props to the special effects people because that tsunami of tar looked appropriately terrifying. That was something that went by really quickly in the books, and I think it will translate spectacularly onto the screen. Also, Finnick saying “Welcome to the 76th Hunger Games” was perfection.

Things I need  to see more of: Haymitch and Katniss mourning the old Peeta. More Peeta and Katniss getting to know each other again. More Katniss and Johanna. More military training.