Man Crush Monday: Owen Armstrong

Owen Armstrong — Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

My Man Crush Monday is Own Armstrong from Just Listen. I feel like I don’t give my contemporary boys enough love. The supernatural, dystopian, and fantasy boys tend to scream for attention, and it’s easy for the contemporary boys to get lost in the shuffle.  But it’s not fair so I’ll make an effort. Owen has his problems with anger management, but at the same time, he’s super protective and very loyal and very kind. He’s okay with being the kid who walks around with headphones in all the time (frankly, his music taste is better than everyone else’s so why wouldn’t he do this?) As I was looking through my collection for contemporary boys, Owen stood out immediately. He’d be an awesome guy to meet in real life and very much my type, personality-wise and physically. He’s described as being very tall (over 6 ft) and muscular, with dark hair. He runs a radio show with his best friend and attends anger management classes every Sunday morning. He’s brutally honest. And best of all, he wears two rings on each of his middle fingers; one says “Go Fuck Yourself” and the other says “Or not.” I just really Owen and he’s a good contemporary boy to give a shout out to.