Mockingjay Pt. 2 Trailer Reaction: “We March Together”

Welcome to Mockingjay Month! Leading up to the premiere of Mockingjay Pt. 2, I will be doing all sorts of Hunger Games-themed posts. Now, I’m not going to promise a post everyday or that there will be a schedule for these because the semester is ending, and my professors want to seemingly drown me in work. But there will be a tidal wave of Mockingjay of this blog so be prepared.

Anyway, on to today’s Mockingjay post. Since I have yet to react to any of the trailers apart from the first teaser, I’m going to be catching up on my reactions. Today, I’m going to react to the first official trailer: “We March Together.” I’m going to link to the trailer below and put my reaction under read more because spoilers (probably).

Okay, so my first thought: Mockingjay Pt. 2 is going to be epic. The trailer is all sorts of amazing, and they put so much in there.

So I love that they’re going over the pods in the trailer. It gives people who haven’t read the books and idea that the capitol is booby-trapped like an arena before watching the movie. It also gives some context for the shots of the pods actually being activated later on in the trailer. Like you know that these are Snow’s booby-traps and really reinforces how sadistic Snow is.

I also love the shots of Katniss going into what I presume is President Snow’s garden to find the white rose to pin on him. I just love that it’s all snowy and white. It plays up one of my favorite aspects of these movies where light colors (White in particular) are used to represent corruption and evil.  It puts a spin on what we traditionally think colors in movies and books mean. I know people have been doing that a lot recently, and I always find it fascinating.

I love that they threw in shots of Finnick’s and Annie’s wedding. It really lightened the mood when something really intense happened. It was nice to see people happy and dancing and celebrating in the midst of a really violent revolution. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the book and the clips I’ve seen so far have made me really happy.

The action shots and CGI look really good. They’ve really improved throughout the movies and it looks like the last movie is going to pull out all the stops. The scenes when they’re traveling through the capitol look epic. I loved the details of Peeta being handcuffed and the floor turning into a grinding-machine and the tar-tsunami and the sewers with the lizard mutts. I think the movie is going to be really visually interesting. Side note: those lizard mutts look terrifying, and my stomach dropped when I saw Finnick fighting one of them. I really don’t want him to die. Also, the little parachutes coming down from the sky. They look so pretty and innocent and amazing and I hate them for it. My heart is not prepared for that scene at all.

I guess my last few thoughts on the trailer are that everyone is nailing their speeches and lines. They sound really authentic, which is really hard to do without sounding cheesy. I really like that they seem to be keeping Katniss’ make-up at a minimum. She looks young, and it really drives home that she’s 17. Costumes and hair are amazing as always. Tigris looks amazing. I was afraid it would look like a kid’s face-paint, but they pulled it off.

Well that’s it for my reaction to the Mockingjay Pt. 2 trailer “We March Together”. Look for more Mockingjay posts coming to this blog this month. Bye, loves!