Favorite Hunger Games Characters

Hey, loves! Just a quick post for you guys because I am drowning in homework and projects. These are my five favorite Hunger Games Characters (in no particular order).

Finnick Odair

Finnick is such a freaking sweetheart. He came off as cocky and a flirt at first, but he’s honestly so genuine. He has eyes only for Annie and it makes my fangirl heart sing. He just wants a world where he and Annie can be happy and safe and have children who will be happy and safe. He’s been used as a pretty prostitute for Capitol fangirls and it hurts me in my soul place. He doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves because he’s amazing.

PRimrose Everdeen

Prim is another underrated character. I feel like people feel like she’s weak or just Katniss’ little sister but she’s so much more. She’s a little ray of sunshine and hope. She’s so important to the story because she keeps Katniss sane. Also, are we just going to ignore that Prim could basically be a doctor at the age of 14? That takes skill. She’s very resourceful and wise beyond her years.

Peeta Mellark

Peeta is a sweet sweet cinnamon bun. Like Prim, he’s a ray of hope and optimism. He also helps keep Katniss sane with all the shit going on around her. He really cares about those around him, and he sees the big picture. But he recognizes that to defeat the Capitol, they need to fight fair or else the rebels aren’t any better. He was against the final Hunger Games using Capitol children because he’s not vindictive. He knows that’s not going to help anyone and it would just be repeating history.


Cinna is amazing. He doesn’t congratulate Katniss for volunteering in the Hunger Games. He recognizes that they’re a sadistic and cruel way of keeping citizens in line. He roots Katniss on and he believes in her ability to bring about change. He’s a Capitol person who is uncharacteristically kind.


I feel like Boggs is the only District 13 person who sees Katniss for what she is, a young girl with PTSD who has to carry the weight of a revolution on her shoulders. He doesn’t look at her as a pawn. He’s tough on her of course but I think he truly cares for her and believes in her. He wants her to win for her own sake, not for the sake of Panem.