Mini Birthday Book Haul

Hey, loves! My birthday was this weekend. (I turned 21!) I got quite a few gifts, and to my great surprise, I actually got a few books in there. Now, mostly I got money, jewelry and booze, but I left my birthday with three books, and I call that a success. So here are the books I got for my birthday.

27220404Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Illustrated Edition by J.K. Rowling and Jim Kay

My best friend got be the illustrated edition of Sorcerer’s Stone, and I could not be happier. The art is absolutely spectacular. I was just flipping through the book and wishing I had most of the illustrations as posters on my wall. I really love how the illustrations really captured Harry’s world without taking inspiration directly from the actors or the sets. It’s also different from the illustrations on the old version of Pottermore. The art is its own entity. That was actually my main concern  when I heard about the illustrated editions, but it was completely unfounded.

24905422Fantastic Cities by Stephen McDonald

This one might be cheating because it’s actually a coloring book, but I’m going to count it anyway. This was given to me by another friend of mine who knows that adult coloring books really help with my anxiety. Side note: if you have anxiety, I strongly suggest adult coloring books (sometimes they’re called Mandalas). The small lines and intricacies of the drawings help calm your mind and put all your focus on coloring. I find it really peaceful, and I’d been eyeing this book in particular for a few months. I was so surprised that my friend had remembered when I pointed out this book at Michael’s since it happened in like late September.

portada-la-noticiaLa noticia y yo: Nuestros periodistas y sus memorias editado por Rafael Matos y Arturo Yépez

This is a book of essays by Hispanic journalists where they speak about the stories they’ve covered. My dad actually took this out of his own shelf and send it to me for my birthday. I haven’t had the best relationship with my father, but we’ve been working on it. And well, I’m a bookworm. I know it’s hard to take one of your favorite books off your shelf and give it to somebody else. So it actually means a lot. Plus, my reading in Spanish is a bit rusty so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a few books in Spanish laying around for me to read.