Why I will not be posting updates on Allegiant

So I’m sure some people have been wondering as to why I haven’t posted any Allegiant movie updates. Even if you weren’t, I’m going to explain myself anyway. It’s not that I’ve forgotten. It’s not that I haven’t had time. Honestly, I’ve just lost interest.

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I know I’ve talked about the Divergent trilogy being one of my favorite book series. I really loved the characters, and I really didn’t have that many issues with Allegiant as a book. I haven’t lost my love for this series. My issues are with the movies and how unfaithful they’ve become to the books.

Divergent as a movie wasn’t bad. It was a run of the mill book to movie adaptation. It made the necessary changes to adapt it to film. Was it a great movie? No. But it was by no means a bad one. I mean, it’s not like anyone can say that the first Hunger Games or the first Twilight were brilliant movies. Their budgets were low and there was only so much they could do with the effects. However, the rest of the series got better visually and they remained faithful to the books. In the end, Divergent as a movie showed the same potential as The Hunger Games.

Now, if y’all remember my Insurgent review, I did not like the changes made at all. I felt that the essence and a majority of the plot was lost in the adaptation. I just felt like the creative team were allergic to the source material. I did not understand the decisions to make a majority of the changes that they did. Again, I know changes have to happen when you adapt a book to a movie because those are two very different storytelling mediums. I promise I get that changes are necessary. However, making so many changes that the story and plot become unrecognizable is a problem.

I hoped that maybe having so many people react negatively to the changes would make the creatives go back to the drawing board and make Allegiant better than Insurgent. But from what I’ve seen from the trailers for the first Allegiant movie, I think they’re just digging the hole deeper. I couldn’t see the world that was described in the book. The story in the short clips felt completely different from the story in the book.

It’s become clear to me that the creatives are not making this movie for those of us who read and loved the books. This movie is not targeted to me. My course of action is simple. I’m simply not going to watch it.

This is so unjournalistic of me. This blog was started for a journalism class. I should not stop covering something simply because of I’ve lost interest. Here’s the thing, this is my blog, and I have editorial control. I never claimed to be unbiased here. I never claimed I would cover every little thing.

I’ve chosen not to cover Allegiant because I’m no longer interested in it. I don’t want to watch it. I want to keep this world and story untouched by these movies. I’m sorry if anyone wanted to hear my take on the next two movies, but I’ve lost hope.

This is why I’m not covering Allegiant. I just felt like I should say something. I didn’t want to look like I was being lazy or forgetful. I needed to let you guys know that my silence was deliberate because I owe you that much.

Hope y’all have a lovely day!


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