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Where’s this week’s new releases?

Hey, loves! I know I have not posted this week’s new releases post. But fear not , it’s not out of laziness or lack of time. I’m just bored with how I’m doing new releases posts.

I want to keep you guys up to date with what’s coming out in the YA universe. So early on in my blogging experience, I decided that once a week I would post a list of all the books that came out that week. It’s gone through a few formatting changes over the past year or so but essentially I post the book cover, the book title, and the blurb. I do this for every book on the list and call it good. It’s quick, easy, and guaranteed weekly content. But I’m bored with that format, and I couldn’t come up with something else by this week.

But I have an idea now. So I don’t know if I’ll be posting this week’s releases, but starting next week, those posts are getting a makeover, and I’m excited about it. So keep an eye out. I’ll be posting a book review and a monthly wrap-up soon so watch out for those as well!

In case you are curious as to what came out this week, here’s a Goodreads list!