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New Releases: April 5, 2016


*I promised a new format and here it is. I will talking about the books I’d be interested in reading that are released each week. At the end of my list, I’ll include a link to a Goodreads list with all the books being released that week.*

AwayWeGo.jpgAway We Go by Emil Ostrovski

This looks like a quirky contemporary that I would really enjoy. It’s the story of three teenagers who go to a school for kids who are dying. None of them are expected to live to graduation. Two of them get invited to join a secret club and cue the need to bring meaning into a short life. The characters sound quirky and the main character is bi maybe which is something you don’t normally see in YA books (or any books really). Plus, the cover is gorgeous.

Burning.jpgBurning by Danielle Rollins

This book sounds super creepy and kind of anxiety inducing, but I’m kind of fascinated by it. It’s told from the point of view of a girl who is about to get out of juvie. A younger girl comes in and the security around her is tight. In other words, the girl is dangerous. Weird things start to happen to the other girls and it becomes clear that this place is no longer safe. The book details their efforts to get out and reach safety when they’re the sort of people society no longer cares about.

FearMyMortality.jpgFear My Mortality by Everly Frost

The blurb for this book is super vague, which adds to the intrigue. The story is set in a society where people regenerate after death, meaning they have lives spanning hundreds of years and are basically immortal. One girl witnesses something that she never thought possible: her brother didn’t regenerate. Now she’s scared that she’s also mortal. I like it when book blurbs are vague because it makes me even more curious about the book. The concept for this book sounds super interesting, and I really want more details about how regeneration works in this world.

Flamecaster.jpgFlamecaster by Cinda Williams Chima

This book gave me some serious Throne of Glass vibes, and I really like that. A healer in a queendom seeks to use his skills to take the life of the person who is throwing his world into chaos: a foreign king. He meets a girl who is being hunted by the king, though she doesn’t know why, and they team up based on their mutual hatred and goal. This story sounds so cool and the fantasy within this world is absolutely fascinating. And I’m such a sucker for an amazing cover and this one just jumps out at me. It’s so pretty.

Flawed.jpgFlawed by Cecelia Ahern

This book is set in a society where perfection is expected and flaws are punishable. Our protagonist is a girl who was leading a perfect life until she makes a mistake and now is facing the repercussions for it. It’s implied that her mistake was taking a stand against something that was morally wrong but clearly accepted in this society. This world sounds fascinating to me. I’m someone who struggles with self-image and self-acceptance, but I’m working on it. I feel like I’d really benefit from reading this book.

GirlInTheBlueCoat.jpgGirl in the Blue Coat by Monica Hesse

This is a historical fiction novel set in World War II Amsterdam. I really need no other reason to pick this up because that’s my favorite time period to read about. It’s such a pivotal time in international relations and law and it’s also a fascinating time in history. This also comes with a good story. A woman is asked to find a young Jewish girl and bring her back into hiding before the Nazis get a hold of her. Say no more. I need this book in my life.

MyKindOfCrazyMy Kind of Crazy by Robin Reul

A quirky and dark contemporary that I need in my life. This is the story of a kid who can’t do anything right. Case in point: when he tries to ask a girl to prom, he nearly burns her house down. He’s befriended a loner, budding pyromaniac. They embark on an unusual friendship, which gets tested by the loner’s deep dark secrets. I like darker books, as you may have already noticed, and this seems like it’s right up my alley.

Nightstruck.jpgNightstruck by Jenna Black

I’m really intrigued by this urban fantasy. It’s set in a world where the night is the enemy. At night, the monsters come out to play. And by play, I mean devour people. At sunrise, everything goes back to normal. The protagonist in this book is tricked into opening a door between worlds and lets the monsters out. People live their lives by day and lock themselves inside by night. These creatures are normally just hostile and violent towards humans, but they try to get some to join the night. Our protagonist is resisting their call.

OnceUponADream.jpgOnce Upon a Dream by Liz Braswell

I am such a huge fan of fairy tale retellings. This is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty and it’s set in the world of dreams. We all know the story. When a prince kisses the princess, she wakes up. Happily Ever After. But this retelling explores what happens when the prince falls asleep as soon as he kisses the princess.

TheGlitteringCourt.jpgThe Glittering Court by Richelle Mead

I am a huge Richelle Mead fan. Vampire Academy and Bloodlines are two of my favorite series of all time. I cannot speak highly enough about them. Richelle Mead just has a writing style that really appeals to me. I still haven’t read Soundless which sucks because I need to read it; it sounds so cool. I’m really excited for The Glittering Court. It’s another book that gave me Throne of Glass vibes, which I really dig. The basic premise is this countess runs away from an arranged marriage to come live in the New World. She has to join this school called the Glittering Court where impoverished girls are transformed into ladies suitable for powerful and wealthy marriages. The protagonist sounds so bad ass. Not in the same way as Rose or Sydney but she’s definitely a character who I think is going to be sassy and defiant in the best way possible. She has no time for people’s bullshit and I’m really excited to read it. Also, can we discuss that for once a Richelle Mead cover doesn’t totally suck? That cover makes me want to at least pick up the book and read the blurb, which is something that didn’t happen with Vampire Academy and Bloodlines. Those covers sucked. I picked up VA by chance. I’m glad I did, but I almost lived the rest of my life without ever reading VA or Bloodlines because of bad covers. So, yay for the not-sucky Glittering Court cover!

TheRequiemRed.jpgThe Requiem Red by Brynn Chapman

This book sounds so dark and twisted and I need it in my life. It’s set in an asylum vaguely in the past when girls were put in asylums for stupid reasons. Three girls have died and they’re all connected to Patient 29. She hears and sees messages (I’m assuming that’s why she’s in the asylum in the first place). A new handsome man believes that she’s not crazy and she feels like she might at some point be able to leave the asylum. But she might be the next murder target. I love historical fiction, I love psychology, and I love dark books. This is a book I need in my life. I need to read it.

WhenWeCollided.jpgWhen We Collided by Emery Lord

This seems like a classic cute quirky contemporary. I would be lying if the cover wasn’t part of the reason I want to read it. Sometime, I just need a light love story and I think this will do it for me. I’m sure there’s a bit of heartbreak and loss in there but considering how I like reading books with death and crazy and twisted, that doesn’t seem bad to me. It sounds like a cute story. The blurb keeps it simple so there’s not much to tell you there.

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