Ascendant skipping theaters?

I know I said I wouldn’t cover Divergent movies anymore but I saw this on Hypable and I had to comment.

Apparently, the second half of Allegiant (which was for some reason title Ascendant? Why not Allegiant Pt. 2? Idk but whatever) will be skipping theaters and going into a 10 to 13 episode TV series with potentially more seasons after that.

I didn’t watch Allegiant, and I probably won’t unless it pops up on Netflix or Amazon Prime where it’s already paid for by my subscription so it wouldn’t matter. I don’t know where in the story the movie cuts off, but based on the trailers, it seems to cut off late in story. It seems like very little content to make a movie out of, let alone 10 to 13 episodes of a TV series.

I don’t know where Lionsgate is going with this but to me, it says that people aren’t paying to watch the movie. By people I mean, fans of the books.  The original cast might not even come for the TV series. Veronica Roth doesn’t seem to happy about this turn of events.

If you wanna read why I didn’t cover Allegiant, click here.

Sorry for the poor writing. I’m half-asleep and just wanted to get this out there before I forgot.