New Releases

New Releases: August Week 3


A lot of the books being released are sequels to series I haven’t started, so the list of new releases I’m excited for is a little short this week. A few of the series do sound really interesting, but I rather not say that I’m anticipating a release when I haven’t had a chance to decide whether or not I love the series. I should probably stop babbling; here are the books released this week that I’m excited to read. If you want to see the full new releases list, click here.

ThisModernLoveThis Modern Love by Will Darbyshire

This would be a bit of a change for me because it’s non-fiction. Trying to get over a break-up, YouTuber Will Darbyshire asked his followers a series of questions. His subscribers and followers had to answer the questions through letters, photos, poetry, and emails. He compiled these answers into a book. I really like the idea for this book. It’s a nice change from a YouTuber’s typical Q&A. I also like that this is what Will came up with to help seek closure after a break-up. I think it really shows how connected  the YouTube community is, and how much creators really do appreciate and love their audiences. I’m really excited to pick this one up.

Vicarious.jpgVicarious by Paula Stokes

This just sounds like a really cool sci-fi, murder mystery, which we really don’t get a lot of in YA. It’s the story of Winter Kim and her sister, Rose. They’re digital stunt girls for Rose’s ex-boyfriend. He records what Winter and Rose feel when they do awesome stunts, like bungee jumping or dancing with celebrities at the hottest clubs. He sells these Vicarious Sensory Experience (ViSEs). All is fun and games until Rose is murdered and a ViSE of her murder is sent to her ex-boyfriend. Winter risks her own life trying to solve Rose’s murder. This story sounds like it’s really interesting, and I like the VR aspect of it. I think it’s a really good time to publish this sort of story now that VR is becoming a lot more mainstream.