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So I don’t think I’ve ever talked about my love for Hamilton on here. I have listened to the soundtrack more times than I can count, and I could probably rap the entire thing by myself. So when I saw that Christine at polandbananasbooks did this tag, I had to do it on here. Let’s go.

hpssThe Room Where It Happens: A book world you’d put yourself into

Um the answer to this is obviously Harry Potter. I constantly talk about how I wish I could do the spells in Harry Potter. I’d make my tiny studio apartment bigger, I’d enchant my highlighters to highlight what’s necessary, I’d enchant my laptop to type up my case briefs as I read, I’d use an enchanted quill to take notes in class so I could focus all of my attention on my professor, and most importantly, I’d summon food to myself. I want to live in a world where the spells are real. I want to apparate to class without ever worrying that the bus is going to make me late.

mjThe Schuyler Sisters: A female character you think is underrated

I personally feel like Primrose Everdeen is super underrated. People cared about Prim because she’s Katniss’s little sister, but she grows to be a character in her own right. She’s strong, and she gives Katniss better advice than anyone else in the series. She just wanted to be a doctor and save lives because she knew everything going on in her world was wrong. People loved and needed her.

vaMy Shot: A character that goes after what they want and doesn’t let anyone stop them

For this, I have to pick Rose Hathaway. Rose is just completely unstoppable. She fights to be the top of her class so she can protect Lissa. She goes on the impossible hunt for Dimitri and finds him. She still graduates at the top of her class after leaving for a few months. She fights to make sure Lissa can take the throne. She fights to get Dimitri back. It’s amazing. She doesn’t know how to take no for answer. She ignores those who doubt her and pushes through.

hpootpStay Alive: A character you wish was still alive

I would bring Sirius Black back in a heartbeat. I don’t think it’s fair that Harry lost every single parental figure. I know life isn’t fair but come on. Cut the kid a break. There’s a reason he’s so fucked up. I just I love Sirius, and I love his relationship with Harry. I really just wanted to see more of him because he’s my favorite.

TheFaultInOurStarsBurn: The most devastating end to a relationship you’ve ever read about

If I’m being honest, Hazel’s and Augustus’s relationship ended really tragically. It was a very slow and prologued, yet inevitable end. To me, it’ll always be the saddest ending to a relationship. I ugly cried when it happened.

gotYou’ll Be Back: Our sassiest villain

I actually struggled with this one because a lot of the villains in the books I read aren’t very sassy. In the end, I’m going with Cersei Lannister. She’s not as sassy as Tyrion, but she has a sharp wit of her and is almost always verbally slapping someone. She’s brilliant. Her lines are always very witty, and sometimes it takes you a minute to realize that she’s insulted someone.

shadow kissThe Reynolds Pamphlet: A book with a twist that you did not see coming

Fucking Shadow Kiss, man. I was not expecting that to happen at the end. I could not believe that Richelle Mead decided to break out hearts that way. I know everything works out at the end of the series, but Shadow Kiss felt like someone had punched me in the gut. I actually had to reread what happened a few times to fully comprehend. I was so not prepared for that. I wasn’t okay.

DaughterOfSmokeAndBoneNon-Stop: What is a series you marathoned all the way through

I’ve marathoned a few series all the way through but the most recent is definitely the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. I’d heard so many people gushing about it, and I knew I had to pick it up. I really enjoyed this series. I felt like I hadn’t read anything like it before. I feel like it was hard for me to predict what happened at every turn in this series which is always a fun experience. I was pretty mad at the ending, though. I understood the reasoning behind the ending but it also felt like the main couple couldn’t catch a break.

: My favorite book with multiple points of view

I tend to not like books with multiple perspectives because I often think they’re not very well done. I feel like not every author can pull off multiple perspectives well because it involves a strong ability to differentiate the character voices. I think George R.R. Martin is probably the first author I think of when I think well-done multiple perspectives so I’m picking the Game of Thrones theory for this.

DHWho Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: A book or series you think will go down in history

Do I even need to say it? Harry Potter. It’s already part of history and well on its way to becoming a classic. I think this series will stand the test of time. Teachers and professors will continue assigning it. I know my generation will read it to our kids. It’s such a beautiful series with so many lessons and important values. It’s really become a cultural phenomenon, much like Hamilton has.