Book Review Policies

Review Policy

I will accept reviews for any YA books, regardless of their sub-genre. I will accept review copies from large publishers, eBook publishers, independent publishers, and self-published authors. I will only accept e-ARC copies.

As I am a full-time student and also work part-time, I have no strict timeline for reviews, and I reserve the right to deny a review request based on my schedule.

My acceptance of a review request does not guarantee a good review. I want to be honest in my reviews, and I will not endorse a book I do not like. Don’t send me hate mail if I dislike your book; I’m critiquing your work, not you personally.

I reserve the right to not review a book if I cannot finish it because I want to throw it against a wall.

Note for self-published authors:

I am more than happy to put your work out there and let talented writers shine. However, I do request that your book has gone through a substantive edit by contract editor before you submit it for review.